You are currently viewing Daily Current Affairs 15 April, 2021 in English

Daily Current Affairs 15 April, 2021 in English

Daily Current Affairs 15 April, 2021 in English

Daily Current Affairs

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15 April, 2021 Current Affairs in English

Daily Current Affairs 15 April, 2021 in English

  1. Which country opened 5G Internet signal base at the world’s highest ‘Gunbala’ radar site ? China
    * Gunbala Radar Station is located at an altitude of 5374 meters above sea level in Tibet on the Indo-Bhutan border.
    * It is the world’s highest altitude manned radar station.
  2. Who became the first country in the world to implement climate change law to regulate the financial sector ? New Zealand
  3. Which country recently signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement ? Singapore
    * RCEP is a multi-national trade agreement concluded with 10 ASEAN member states and 5 other partner countries. The 15 countries involved in the agreement include 10 ASEAN member countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.
  4. Recently which portal has been launched by the central government to empower aqua farmers ? e-Santa
    * e-Santa is an electronic market that will act as a platform to connect fishermen and buyers.It is a digital bridge to divide the market and will serve as an alternative marketing tool between farmers and buyers by eliminating middlemen.
  5. Which mission has been recently launched by the Central Government to spread the message of the importance of nutritionally balanced diet ? Aahar Kranti
    * The aim of the Aahar Kranti Mission is to find a solution to the problem of hunger and various types of diseases in India.
    * Vigyan Bharti and Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats Forum have jointly started this mission with the goal of “best food – best idea”.
  6. Which app is recently launched by the central government to facilitate importers and exporters ? DGDT’s Trade Facilitation (Directorate General of Foreign Trade)
    * DGFT is the government body that implements India’s foreign trade policy.
  7. Who will be the next Director General of National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) ? Siddhart Singh Longjam
  8. Who became the first batsman to hit 350 sixes in the history of IPL ? Chris gale
  9. Who won the ICC Men Player of the Month March 2021 Award ? Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
    * Third consecutive time, this award is won by an Indian player, before Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ravichandran Ashwin and Rishabh Pant won it.
  10. Who won ICC Women Player of the Month March 2021 Award ? Liegel Lee, South Africa

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