You are currently viewing Daily Current Affairs 22 May, 2021 in English

Daily Current Affairs 22 May, 2021 in English

Daily Current Affairs 22 May, 2021 in English

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22 May, 2021 Current Affairs in English

Daily Current Affairs 22 May, 2021 in English

  1. Which first Indian to be awarded with the ‘World Choreography Award 2020’, which is called as the Oscar of Dance ? Suresh Mukund
  2. After 1969, the process of formation of Legislative Council started again in which state ? West Bengal
  3. Martha Karambu Kume became the first Chief Justice of which country ? Kenya
  4. According to the S&P Global Market Intelligence report, who became the second largest insurance technology market in the Asia Pacific region ? India (First-Chin)
  5. What is the position of India among the 40 countries in the 57th EY(Ernst & Young Global Limited) Renewable Energy Attractiveness Index ? Third
    * First and second place is USA and China respectively.
    * Government of India has set a target to produce 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030.
    * India ranked 87th in the recently released Global Energy Conservation Index 2021 by WEF, while Sweden / Zimbabwe (115) topped the top and last place respectively.
  6. Who is the author of the book ‘Battle for the Soul: Inside Democrat’s Campaigns to Defeat Trump’ ? Edward Isaac Dover
  7. Where will the Indian women’s team play the first day-night test match with pink ball ? Australia
    * India is the third country to play a Test match with a pink ball, before a test match was played between England and Australia in 2017.
  8. Where will be held FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup in 2022 ? India
    * FIFA Women’s Under-20 World Cup will be held in Costa Rica in 2022.
  9. After 41 years of service Indian Navy’s which first destroyer decommissioned ? INS Rajput
    * First time it was commissioned in the Indian Navy in 1980.
  10. Padma Vibhushan honored which proponent of the Chipko movement passed away recently ? Sundar Lal Bahuguna
    * He was famous in the world by the name of Vrikshamitra.

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