Important Days, Dates with Theme 2021 and 2020

Braille Day04 Jan2021————–
National Consumer Right Day24 Dec2020The Sustainable Consumer
International Migrants Day18 Dec2020Reimagining Human Mobility
Human Rights Day10 Dec2020Recover Better – Stand Up for
Human Rights
World AIDS Day01 Dec2020Communities make the difference
Indian Constitution Day26 Nov2020———-
World Diabetes Day14 Nov2020The Nurse and Diabetes
Children’s Day (Occasion of J L Nehru Birth.)14 Nov2020———
United Nations Day24 Oct2020———
World Polio Day24 Oct2020A win against polio is a win for global
World Statistics Day20 Oct2020Connecting the World with data we
can trust
Global Handwashing Day15 Oct2020Hand Hygiene for all
World Migratory Day10 Oct2020Birds Connect Our World
International. Non violence Day02 Oct2020———–
World Tourism Day27 Sep2020Tourism & Rural Development
World Ozone Day16 Sep2020Ozone for Life : 35 Years of ozone
layer Protection
Hindi Diwas14 Sep2020———-
International Literacy Day08 Sep2020Literacy teaching and learning in the
COVID-19 crisis and beyond
National Teachers Day
(Occasion of Radhakrishnan Birth.)
05 Sep2020———-
National Sports Day
(Occasion of Dhyanchand Birth.)
29 Aug2020———–
International Youth Day12 Aug2020Youth Engagement for Global
Kargil Vijay Diwas26 July2020
World Population Day11 July2020Safeguarding the health and right
of women and girls now and putting
the brakes on COVID-19
National Doctor’s Day (Occasion of Vidhan Chandr Birth)01 July2020Lessen the mortality of COVID-19
National Statistics Day (Occasion of Mahalnobis Birthday)29 Jun2020
International Yoga Day21 Jun2020Yoga for Health -Yoga at home
World Environment Day05 Jun2020Bio-Diversity
World No Tobacco Day31 May2020Protecting Youth from Industry
Manipulation and preventing them
from tobacco and nicotine use
International Day for Biological Diversity22 May2020Our Solutions are in Nature
World Press Freedom Day03 May2020Journalism Without Fear or Favour
World Earth Day22 April2020Climate Action
World Health Day07 April2020Support Nurses & Midwives
World Water Day22 Mar2020Water & Climate Change
International Day of Forests21 Mar2020Forests and Biodiversity
World Consumer Day15 Mar2020To raise global awareness about
consumer rights and needs
International Women Day08 Mar2020I am generation Equality : Realizing
Women’s rights
National Science Day28 Feb2020Women in Science
National Womens Day13 Feb2020————-

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